At Begleys we recognise our role in the fight against climate change and towards sustainable development. Running an eco-friendly, green and sustainable business is a core company value and has been a key objective for many years. Our goal to run our business as sustainably as possible, set in 1997, still remains to this day and is further supported by the targets we set each year as part of our Bord Bia Origin Green membership.


As leading producers, Begley’s are committed to sustainable horticulture. We grow over 1,000 acres of Irish vegetables and salads throughout the year across our sites located in Dublin and Wexford. We have adopted precision agriculture farm management. Using world class machinery and equipment into some of our farms, we are able to maximise the usage of land and we can use the precise amount of water and raw materials while minimising field waste.

A key change in the growing practices was moving to biodegradable plastic removing 25 tonnes of plastic from our growing operations annually. We are also a business supporter of the All-Ireland Pollinator Plan and place beehives in fields alongside our crops to promote pollination.


Today 27% of all our products are supplied in compostable, recyclable, or even a packaging-free solutions, minimising the amount of plastic packaging waste in production and in-store. By moving to loose, recycled and compostable packaging alternatives, we have succeeded in removing 12 tonnes of plastic out of our business per annum, something we hope to increase year on year.

At our headquarters in Kilshane 78% of our raw materials come from suppliers with recognised sustainability or ethics accreditation. All organic and conventional product off grades are gathered on site and collected by Feoiltec Farm for use in animal consumption. The average Monthly volume collected is 15 tonnes. We have replaced all fluorescent lighting in our HQ Offices in Kilshane with LED. Any wood and white pallets no longer suitable for use are collected by a third company and recycled.

Simply Organic

Begley’s Simply Organic was founded by Greg Begley in 1998 in response to demand in the marketplace to supply Certified Organic Produce to the retail sector pioneering the commercial sales of organics in Ireland.

Our goal is to consistently provide best in season, certified organic fresh fruit and vegetables produce to our retail clients. Simply Organic was set up specifically to supply Irelands leading supermarkets, and our customer base includes the multiples, independent supermarkets, and individual retail outlets We stock approximately 60 lines throughout the year from our core and seasonal range. We ensure our organic fruit and vegetables reach stores in optimum condition, shortening the journey from field to fork.

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