Begley's Simply Fresh

Simply Fresh

Simply Fresh is a division of
Begley's Fresh Produce Group


Begley's Simply Fresh Packaging

The packing function forms an integral part of the service we offer to the multiples.

From our dedicated, temperature controlled pack-houses we adhere to the best practice principles of hygiene and storage. Using a variety of packing and sorting machines, we offer our customers a range of pre-packed, consumer friendly produce, ready to be stocked on the supermarket shelf.

From overwrap on trays, pillow packed, flow wrapped and bagged, we use a variety of packaging and film, to compliment and display our produce at its finest.

Requiring continuous assessment, we ensure that we offer the most modern packing solutions available within our industry.

We also offer a range of eco-friendly, biodegradable and compostable trays and film, that is compatible with the current awareness and concern, in relation to the environmental impact of packaging waste.

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