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Food Safety is a priority within our organisation and each of our companies aspires to the highest industry standards.

The NSAI ( National Standards Authority of Ireland ) is Ireland's standards authority. Operating under an Act passed in 1996, NSAI's function is to develop and publish operating standards to meet the international demands on quality, design, performance and environmental issues for the benefit of producers and consumers.

By registering with the NSAI we demonstrate our goal to aspire to, and achieve, best industry standards.

IOFGA and Organic Trust are organic certification bodies, licensed by the EU through the Department of Agriculture and Food. Their function is to ensure that organic standards are achieved and maintained by all members. Our organic company has held membership since the year 2000.

In 2002, a UK organisation BRC (British Retail Consortium) introduced a Global standard for Food. It is fast becoming a European wide industry standard. In line with our policy to remain at the forefront of such developments, we are currently seeking BRC accreditation.

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