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Recognising the need to diversify, and at the same time specialise within our industry, we have selected core areas for our development.

Our first decision to evolve through growth had brought us one step back, from distribution, to the concept of supplying direct from the farm. With the idea of bringing the farmer, the logistic and transport specialist and the marketing arm of our organisation together, we set up a company based in Co. Wexford and Co. Meath to concentrate on product cultivation. Five years after our initial investment we have about 850 acres devoted to carrots, potatoes, broccoli, cabbage, parsnips and pumpkins for the Halloween market, with trials of other root crops underway.

Meanwhile we were drawn to the concept of organic distribution. A gap in the supply chain has allowed us an opportunity to deliver certified organic produce to the Irish market. The whole concept of Organic Produce was regarded as a fringe area with no scope for development, because it was deemed to be organized and controlled by a group of people intent on living an eccentric lifestyle rather than the supply of produce. Having brought a professional approach to this sector, we have made organic fresh produce available in Ireland's supermarkets.

More recently we have set up a company to supply the catering industry. With the advance in consumer habits of eating out, we have set up a company specialising in supply of fresh produce to the hotel, restaurant and catering industry. With our existing client portfolio we are confident in becoming a market leader in this field.

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